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Choosing A New Hot Water Cylinder: What To Look For

A hot water cylinder is an absolute must in every home setup today. The cylinder’s main work is to store hot water for use in bathrooms, kitchen, and for heating purposes among many other uses. These cylinders come in various designs, forms, and shapes, which means you have to choose the most appropriate one for your home. Some of the fundamental factors to consider when shopping for a new hot water cylinder include energy efficiency, hot water capacity, size, etc. Determining the best and most suitable cylinder for your home can be intimidating at times. Discussed below are however some of the important factors to consider when shopping for a replacement hot water cylinder on the North Shore.

North Shore replacement hot water cylinder1. Cylinder size and capacity
The amount of hot water the cylinder can hold is an important factor to consider when shopping for one. This however depends on how big or small your family is, and the total amount of hot water required at a go. While a small family may generally need a relatively small hot water cylinder, too small or too big a cylinder will run inefficiently. A professional North Shore replacement hot water cylinder installer or supplier may however help you pick the right cylinder based on hot water needs and family size.

2. Decide between open vented and unvented cylinder
An open-vented cylinder draws cold water from a cold-water tank while the unvented one doesn’t necessarily require one. An unvented cylinder comes with a system boiler that enables it to heat water more efficiently and faster. Water pressure from the unvented hot water cylinder is considerably much higher than with an open-vented one. While you can replace an open-vented cylinder with an unvented one, the reverse is tasking as you would need more space for extra water storage.

3. Heat-loss and heat gain figures
This is one of the most important features to look out for when shopping for new hot water cylinder. How fast it takes for the cylinder to reheat water, and the time it takes for the cylinder to cool down determines if the system is energy efficient and good enough for your family. Some of the best hot water cylinders on the market today have a thick insulation that helps retain water temperature for much longer. Although smaller cylinders reheat water fast, some of the bigger versions are equally as good.

4. Energy efficiency and durability
Hot water cylinders on the market today are energy-star rated. You should therefore consider the highest rated cylinder you can find for guaranteed energy savings. In addition to this, you need a cylinder that will last years before needing a replacement. While regular servicing and proper maintenance do play a role here, you should only go for a cylinder offering not less than 5 years’ service warranty.

5. Cost
The cost of acquiring a new cylinder cannot be overlooked. While some of these cylinders may be expensive, a little window-shopping can help you find an affordable high-quality one. Some research may be required before buying just any cylinder you find in the market. Consider reading through reviews and product ratings on the same before making the purchase.

Putting all the factors discussed above into consideration can help you identify and choose the right hot water cylinder for your house. It would also be advisable to hire a certified contractor such as Heron Plumbing to handle the installation of a replacement hot water cylinder on the North Shore to avoid voiding its warranty, and for expert service.





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