Factors To Consider While Choosing Commercial Security Cameras

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Factors To Consider While Choosing Commercial Security Cameras


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Most smart business owners know just how paramount it is to have security cameras for their businesses. However there are a number of considerations that should be taken into consideration while choosing surveillance commercial security cameras. Besides enhancing business intelligence, these fixtures should help in putting a lid on costs which are caused by theft, both external and internal. In essence, the cameras should help you manage your business by providing the extra eye both indoors for goods monitoring and outdoors where your clients’ cars or motor vehicles parked in your car-park. Further, with the correct type of monitoring service, your facility can be monitored round the clock. Below are some important factors that business owners should consider while shopping around for a security camera for commercial use.


Security Camera Installation – these can be located both inside and outside the building. Depending on the type of operation you have, many will outdoor cameras to protect the perimeter fence, car parks and entrances to buildings. The positioning is therefore of paramount importance as to where the cameras will be placed. This can be on lamp-posts for instance or maybe on the roof of a building. Regardless of exactly where the security camera will be, it is in every commercial property owner’s interest to source components that are not only weather proof, but also cameras that can operate throughout all weathers and times. You should plan which type you need and where you want to place them before actually buying any components.


Climatic Conditions – as stated above, outdoor cameras should be strong enough to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Even though most products are initially built to withstand heat and wind, only a handful can survive through massive amounts of rain or snow. Commercial cameras are more robust and these surveillance security cameras are built with a strong housing and casing for them to operate effectively and optimally without any hitch whatsoever. Most products will in fact tell you the specific temperatures that will deter them from working at their best and this is exactly what every smart business owner should look out for before buying any outdoor security camera for commercial use.


The Number of Security Cameras – before going out to purchase security cameras for your business, it is always advisable to identify the exact number required for optimal monitoring. Most effective surveillance systems usually consist of more than one camera and for your business to flourish, you will have to step out knowing just how many your particular commercial property actually needs. The parking lot and indoors are the most prone areas to theft in such properties, businesses or offices.


The Type of Commercial Security Camera – during your quest in finding the best Auckland commercial security cameras, always consider the type you need. Some cameras have been designed to work best during the day while others feature impressive night vision capabilities that work effectively round the clock at monitoring your goods and car parking even in the dark. Such products usually use infrared applications to take the videos in pitch darkness. In essence you should be informed and aware of exactly what type of security camera your business actually needs. Ask yourself whether you want that only monitors activities during the day, or one that works efficiently during the night or even both.


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The Resolution of Commercial Security Cameras – the camera’s resolution is important especially if you need detail images about incidents. For example, there may be situations far from your camera or you might want to capture detailed images of people’s faces. In essence, the higher the camera resolution, then the clearer your footage will be. You should be able to properly zoom in and enlarge a frame of an occurring event for better viewing.


Monitoring Footage and Memory – before getting a commercial security camera for surveillance purposes, you need to think about how the cameras will be monitored and what will happen to any recorded footage if needed for later analysis. Some large businesses have employees working round the clock to monitor all perimeters at all times but this is expensive, not just in wages but the peripheral employment costs too. Smaller businesses and an increasing number of larger ones however go for companies that can also offer constant monitoring services. All in all, knowing just how long you want to keep the footage and when it should be erased is key. Also consider whether you want to go for products with large in-built memories which are more expensive than the rest.


If you want to install any commercial security cameras you can try to undertake all of these tasks yourself but it will take a long time. Plus you may not have the equipment and you certainly do not have the expertise. So it is better to ask a security consultant, for example, Global Security CCTV cameras to advise you. They provide the initial consultation, installation, testing and commissioning of the security cameras. They can also provide a 24/7 monitoring service.


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