Benefits of using commercial CCTV surveillance camera system

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Benefits of using commercial CCTV surveillance camera system

Today, whether a business is big or small, they need security systems for lots of different matters such as safety, protection or theft control. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance security system is essential for those planning for business security system. These cameras not only help in producing a more secure business environment, but also offer peace of mind to everyone including employees, the business owner and customers. There are several benefits that a business can get by installing a surveillance camera system. Here are some of the major benefits that can offer a real value to a business:


A CCTV camera helps in recording videos along with high resolution footage and sound options and lets you monitor everything happening on your commercial property (warehouses, office, industrial factory or others). It is easy to catch criminals (may be an insider or outsider) who try to vandalise your premises or to steal product from your inventory. On the other hand, sound recording option enables you to pick up on wrong-doing among your workers such as capturing instances of harassment. These recordings can be used as audio and video evidence in any subsequent proceedings, whether legal or internal.


Dome surveillance camera

Dome surveillance camera – image

It is another major benefit that you can get by validating your insurance claim with the help of recorded footage of vandalism, shoplifting or internal theft. As an incentive to install security cameras, insurance companies often offer lower insurance premiums to companies that try to improve their security and therefore lower the insurance claim costs.


An obvious use of CCTV security system is to put a stop to misdemeanours such as vandalism or theft. But a more modern use is to reduce or harassment of staff by both customers and other members of your workforce. There are an increasing number of cases of workplace victimization, bullying or harassment and these cost companies a lot of time and money. If it is clear to all workers that activity may be recorded, then they are less inclined to take part in such acts.


Another major benefit of video camera can be achieved by combining this security system with an alarm system. When a wrongdoer attempts a theft or any other illicit activity, an alarm will sound thereby disturbing the perpetrators. Therefore, you can stop criminals from getting successful in their acts and also record footage of their illicit attempts for use in court.


Modern CCTV security systems are simple to use and operate. Due to the popularity and increased commercial use of these cameras, the cost has dropped to a level, which permits an average business owner to buy a camera or to hire a CCTV company. Some people may not want to shell out their cash for these cameras but the outlay is far less when you compare the expense of camera with the hidden costs for preventing a burglary. There is time lost, cost of goods, disturbance among staff, a possible loss of confidence by customers and loads of unnecessary admin time to deal with all of the mess created by a break-in. You can get installation guidance and help from a technician, while choosing and buying a security camera system from a reputable security company. The technician will not only train you on the use and maintenance of your new cameras, but also give some tips on best usage.

All the above mentioned benefits of commercial CCTV demonstrate that these camera systems are an essential safety net. Very quickly you will wonder how you operated without the support of surveillance cameras.

For help in selecting the right CCTV surveillance camera for your business, it is a lot easier to talk to professionals rather than trying to work it all out yourself. Plus, the best CCTV companies also have round-the-clock monitoring services too so that you don’t have to be glued to a screen all day. Some may even have their own security patrols for a first response unit.

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